FLYNET (Micro and Nano Aerial Vehicle  Networks for Civilian Use) aims at discovering novel methods to turn micro and nano aerial vehicle (MAV and NAV) systems for civilian use into a reality by targeting the unsolved original topic of multi-hop aerial networking in fleets. FLYNET will explore the unique features of aerial vehicle networks such as unstable wireless link dynamics and the robotic nature of MAVs and NAVs serving a specific, application-dependent mission. In our view, sustainable networking solutions require an interdisciplinary approach to achieve optimal solutions for communications, which must be complemented by knowledge about flight dynamics and control, as investigated in the domain of robotics, and the application’s demands on network quality.

FLYNET provides a unique venue for discussions among distinguished researchers that are currently advancing the state-of-the-art in key domains of MAV and NAV systems. The objective of FLYNET is to combine these efforts and to identify innovative methods for MAV and NAV fleets, which is as of today not supported by traditional workshops in each of the domains separately. By planning talks, extended round table discussion, and work sessions, we aim at knowledge transfer and collaborative hands-on work by both experienced and young researchers. The expected results of FLYNET are the identification of future research agendas in aerial communications including disruptive ideas and concrete long-term collaborations and actions such as joint publications, project proposals, and setting up frameworks for accelerating the progress in aerial communications, such as shared measurement databases to compare research results or exchange programs for Ph.D. students.


  • Co-Chair: Karin Anna Hummel, ETH Zurich, karin.hummel[at]
  • Co-Chair: Domenico Giustiniano, IMDEA Networks Institute, domenico.giustiniano[at]
  • Bernhard Plattner, Head of D-ITET, ETH Zurich, bernhard.plattner[at]
  • Mahdi Asadpour, ETH Zurich, mahdi.asadpour[at]
  • Simon Egli, ETH Zurich, simon.egli[at]


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